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Brian Mogg at Dodger Stadium (Golf Magazine shoot)

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Brian is a media veteran and has been featured in Golf Magazine, Golf Digest and numerous other magazines, newspapers, TV and radio shows.  Here’s a fun video of his behind-the scenes photo shoot at the Los Angeles Dodger stadium where he compares baseball and golf.  He is an avid sports fan enjoying taking his family to professional events.  His favorite teams are from Seattle where he grew up.  I hope you get the idea from this video that Brian is a regular guy, very personable and approachable and our team at Sequence Golf is very proud to represent him. Craig Sigl

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Is Your Golf Swing Losing Distance Because Of Casting?

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A golf swing losing distance can be the result of many different power leaks. One of the most common reasons is it could be that you are coming over the top or “casting” your swing. This slows your swing as it takes the whole lower body energy out of it and you swing mostly with your arms. You need your torso, hip turn, and legs to get everything out of your swing that you have available. In this video, Brian shows you the isolated point in the swing that causes “casting” and how to correct it. Once you understand the concept, to get this into your muscle memory, you will want to make that small movement Brian shows you, over and over again until you get it automatically. This takes effort and Brian’s simple drill movement can fix it if you work it. Alternatively, Brian has endorsed a swing device…

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Golf Fix Tips: Eliminate Sliding

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One common reason for pushes and slicing is because of the error of sliding. That is, the body gets too far in front of the ball at the moment of impact.  Basically, your timing is off and your weight shift is out of balance. In this video, Brian gives you another one of his golf fix tips in this video  that can easily cure this, even in the middle of a round. If it gets too bad, then some work on the range might be in order and Brian gives you the perfect drill to eliminate the sliding which causes the poor shots. Brian Mogg is the swing coach to the pros whose students have 26 wins on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and tours. He also has 3 decades of working with regular golfers and is the director of golf academies in 3 countries.

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Y.E. Yang Credits Tempo and Rhythm Advice By Brian Mogg

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Far too often, golfers look for “fixes” when there is nothing broken. Before you go out to your next round, especially if it’s a competitive one, dedicate your round to a consistent tempo. It worked for Y.E. Yang in his 2010 win over Tiger Woods at the PGA and is so simple and easy to implement. Much of golf is very difficult as you know. The advice Brian offers you here in this video follows our motto here at EASY – EFFECTIVE – EFFICIENT Watch the video and comment below

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Asia Pacific Golf Summit 2012 Keynote Address by Brian Mogg

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Ever since Brian worked with Y.E. Yang, he has been passionate about helping build golf in Asian countries. In this video, you get to know him personally. You can see what he cares about and who he really is. This video is his personal history as a golf coach and you can decide for yourself after watching it if he is the instructor for you. The team at is very proud to be associated with such a quality person of extremely high integrity who has been recognized in the golf world…and I mean WORLD…not only for his successes but also for his efforts to advance the game wherever he is called. He is a man of faith, a family man with 4 kids and a beautiful wife. He makes friends with everyone and never has a mean thing to say about anyone. We posted this video because we want…

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Brian Mogg Putting Tips – Opens Academy In Hawaii

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Stick with this video. The first part of it is the news announcing Brian’s opening of an Academy he teaches at in Hawaii at the Hawaii Prince golf club in Honolulu. The second part, Brian goes over some key fundamentals to putting like Tiger Woods. These keys are the same lessons you would get if you were to work with Brian in person. Do not overlook their power just because he teaches them so fast. Easy, Efficient, Effective – like everything he teaches.

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Brian Mogg Showing You How To Hit Under The Trees

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One of the most under-rated areas of improvement for average golfers is to be able to get out of trouble. It’s very rare to see an average golfer learn and practice recovery shots like keeping a ball low to fly under some trees in front of the shot. In this video, Brian Mogg gives you some solid touch points to sequence a swing that keeps the ball low intentionally. Think about how many times you find yourself during a round where this would come in handy and if executed right, how many strokes you would save on an average round. That’s what will motivate you to work on this very important part of your approach game.

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Mogg helps Y.E. Yang Win With Fundamentals

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Whether Brian is working with a world-class pro or a total beginner, he always starts with the fundamentals. He is a firm believer that you build a swing from the ground up and not try to find “work-arounds” to poor swings which ends up compounding one bad move with another. Y.E. Yang learned the Mogg secrets, beat Tiger down the stretch at the PGA Championship in 2010 and later, Tiger started calling on Mogg.   The rest of the story

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