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Brian Mogg Showing You How To Hit Under The Trees

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One of the most under-rated areas of improvement for average golfers is to be able to get out of trouble. It’s very rare to see an average golfer learn and practice recovery shots like keeping a ball low to fly under some trees in front of the shot. In this video, Brian Mogg gives you some solid touch points to sequence a swing that keeps the ball low intentionally. Think about how many times you find yourself during a round where this would come in handy and if executed right, how many strokes you would save on an average round. That’s what will motivate you to work on this very important part of your approach game.

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Mogg helps Y.E. Yang Win With Fundamentals

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Whether Brian is working with a world-class pro or a total beginner, he always starts with the fundamentals. He is a firm believer that you build a swing from the ground up and not try to find “work-arounds” to poor swings which ends up compounding one bad move with another. Y.E. Yang learned the Mogg secrets, beat Tiger down the stretch at the PGA Championship in 2010 and later, Tiger started calling on Mogg.   The rest of the story

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D.A. Points – Putting Tip

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D.A. Points, one of Brian Mogg’s students. As of Feb, 2014 is ranked 74th in the world. Has 2 PGA tour wins and 4 tour wins. We have worked together for eight years and I have improved all areas of my game every year with more top finishes and money won which led to my first PGA Tour win at Pebble Beach. Brian specifically helps me with more than just my swing as we get into scoring shots and how to take my game to an even higher level.” D.A. Points 2013 Shell Houston Open Champion 2011 AT T Pebble Beach Champion

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How to correct your swing plane when it’s off – Brian Mogg

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In this video, Brian Mogg gives you some quick fixes for when your swing plane is off. To expand the video, click the 2nd to last button  in the video, at the bottom right. The reason your swing plane gets off in the first place, however, is because your sequence of fundamentals pushed it off. Each point in the swing affects the next and the errors become compounded by the time you get to the downswing and whether you are on plane or not. If the tips in this video are not enough to get your swing plane right, then clearly, you need to go back to the fundamentals like Brian has all of his students, including the best in the world. “Brian has really helped me add to my game with more shots I can hit and a better understanding of how I can build my fundamentals strong. This…

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Three Keys to Sticking Your Par 3 Approach Shot

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As a regular Golf Channel contributor over the years, Brian has been called on to analyze the pros decision-making and performance in top golf tournaments. In this video, he gives you 3 keys to being able to stick your approach shots on par 3’s when competing under pressure. Brian has played with the best in the world and now teaches the best in the world. Pick up the 3 keys by watching this video to help you on your next round.  

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Fix Three Backswing Killers

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THE PROBLEM A bad backswing is often due to one of three things: a sway (you lose power), a reverse pivot (you slice or pull) or an unflexed right leg (you hit it thin). THE SOLUTION A shaft without a head on it can help you correct all three faults. To determine which problem is affecting your backswing and then correct it, try these three drills. Place the shaft in the ground behind and between your legs, angled so that the handle of the shaft touches your inner right thigh. Now take your backswing. If your right leg pushes the shaft forward toward your front leg, you’re reverse pivoting. Practice until you can turn without moving the shaft. Push the shaft into the ground outside your right leg, angled so that it touches your foot and leg up to your knee. Now take your normal backswing. If your right leg…

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How to Make Pitches Bite

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The Problem Your pitch shots fly straight, but they land on the green without any spin and run past the hole. The Solution Hit pitches that land on your target then grab the green harder than a miner’s handshake. The Key Hinge your wrists quickly on your backswing and then bring your club back down to the ball as fast as you can with your hands and make an abrupt finish. The faster you accelerate then stop, the more the ball will run up your clubface and grab in the grooves. That groove-grab produces spin. If you buy a wedge that’s designed to rust, give it time to do just that, so you can realize its spin-producing benefits.

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Stop Coming Up Short On Pitches

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Situation: You face a long pitch to a pin at the back of a slow, two-tiered green. Common mistake: You try to fly a sand or pitching wedge to the hole and come up short. The right play: Simply adjust your setup to get more mileage out of the easier-to-control pitch-and-run shot. How to do it: Take a little less club, and from your normal pitching address position, close the clubface slightly and take the club back on a more inside path than you’re used to. Your clubface should remain closed as you reach impact, so that you catch the ball more toward the toe of the club. By taking one less club, you compensate for the closed face, and the shot will travel like a normal pitch shot. But the closed face and the fact that you’re making contact closer to the toe will impart topspin to the shot, helping it run 20…

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