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Tour Secrets #6: Grooving the correct downswing sequence

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There is so much in the golf world written about the “swing plane” and how to develop a correct one that affords you the best odds at grooving a consistent swing. I have taught for years how to enhance this process using just your mind at The video below gives you the basic concept and Brian introduces his favorite tool for helping golfers correct the two most common faults: 1. Coming over the top 2.  Getting stuck There will be future videos posted on the blog that go into more depth about these problems but for now, you can start becoming aware of where you are and begin to correct it.  As usual, Brian teaches in his very easy and simple way to understand it.  Let’s hear your comments below. greens and fairways, Craig Sigl P.S. The device is called:  The Synchronizer

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Tour Secret #4: Proper Golf Swing Takeaway

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One of the typical swing errors amateurs make is in “crunching up” during the takeaway. It seems there is a tendency to bring the elbows in. I used to play baseball and that is the move you make when swinging a bat that I had to undo in order to get any significant distance on my long game. This simple fix in the video below, like everything Brian teaches, may be all you need to correct this. Even if you don’t have this problem, it’s a good reminder to keep your swing arc nice and wide. You can pretend there’s a golf ball and get the benefits just the same. Greens and fairways, Craig

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Tour Secrets 2: The Proper Golf Grip

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Over the years, I’ve seen countless videos and instructional books on “The Proper Grip” and what I find interesting is that most golfers just don’t think this is very important.  That’s not surprising when you notice that many instructors contradict each other on what is “correct” and so the golfer just kind of blows it off and moves on to what he/she thinks is the “important” stuff. Well, I’ve got news for you if you’ve ever thought that (like I did).  The Proper Grip IS the important stuff. Watch the video below and when you’re done, go watch a video about how Brian started working with Y.E. Yang. Where did he start with coaching Yang to being the first golfer to come from behind and beat Woods when he held a lead going into Sunday?   Yep, that’s right, The Grip. If this simple lesson is good enough for a top…

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Tour Secrets 1: Athletic Posture and Setup

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Welcome to the video training series on how to Sequence Your Golf Swing like a touring pro. We are going to start with the basics. Brian works with some of the best golfers on the planet…(Yep, that golfer too) and this is where they begin work together. Do not overlook the simplicity of this lesson below and do not skip it. Yes, it’s easy and only a minute and a half but you want to do things the right way from the beginning to build your foundation. Refine your swing from the ground up. When you build a house, you start with the foundation, not the roof. Ok, go for it. Check your setup with the points Brian mentions in the video:  

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Make Better Contact On Chip Shots

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It is really tempting when getting set up to make a short chip to just set yourself over the ball comfortably, make a couple of practice swings to get the feel and then fire away. Golfers are missing out on consistency by not knowing or forgetting the building blocks of solid consistent contact. In this video, Brian gives those Tour Tactics to you. You might want to watch this video a couple of times and take notes and then work on your setup at home. It will pay off.

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Putting drill: Make all of your 4 foot putts

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Daniel Coyle, author of the book “The Talent Code” would be proud of the putting drill in this video below. The basic premise of “The Talent Code” is to make practice extremely efficient in developing the precise motor skills necessary for the task in competition. Often this meant devising unorthodox practice techniques that Coyle calls: Deep Practice Here’s a quote from a book review: “Journalist Daniel Coyle spent years investigating talent hotbeds, interviewing world-class practitioners (top soccer players, violinists, fighter, pilots, artists, and bank robbers) and neuroscientists. In clear, accessible language, he presents a solid strategy for skill acquisition in athletics, fine arts, languages, science or math that can be successfully applied through a person s entire lifespan.” Brian’s drill for keeping your putts on the your target line is a perfect example of how you can develop a Touring Pro’s 92% consistency at making putts under 4 feet. If…

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