Tour Secrets 3: Golf Pros Start With A Correct Shoulder Turn

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  • January 10, 2014

Now, not everybody has the flexibility to get a complete shoulder turn like Brian explains in the video.  When I was with him, I asked him specifically about this.  He, of course, knows about this because he sees it every day in his swing academies….average golfers whose body just won’t let them make a complete turn.

As usual, and with his typical efficient manner, he said “It’s simple…every golfer just goes as far on the shoulder turn as THEY CAN.  But he said he will not teach INCORRECT or work-around methods to any golfer that end up causing more problems down the line of a sequenced swing than they solve.

These lessons are the basics that even the average golfer can take and use to improve his/her swing. There is no perfection or penalty for not reaching perfection. There’s just these fundamentals and when you apply them as best as you can,  YOU WILL IMPROVE.

greens and fairways,

Craig Sigl

P.S. By the way, he filmed this lesson in Hawaii at his Golf Academy he teaches at – Hawaii prince golf club, Honolulu, HI


  • Rick says:

    I can’t find the video!!

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Rick,
      Hmmm. I just checked and it’s showing up here and haven’t heard of others having problems. What I would do is copy this link:
      and paste it in a different browser to see if it’s a browser problem. Browser is like “Internet Explorer” or “Firefox” or “Chrome” or whatever you use to view the web. I would love to know what browser you are using. We are upgrading the system to make it more accessible to all.

      Greens and fairways,


    • Wyly says:

      I have found that if I use a “closed” stance, I get more rotation(shoulder), have better timing, hit it straighter and father. I am 60 and not real flexible.

  • Charlie says:

    So I sonder where the tee would be for those who don’t have the flexibility to make the turns described?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for commenting. I asked this specific question of Brian when we were filming. He said simply that each golfer goes as far
      as his/her flexibility will take him. He just demonstrates the ideal. In other words, he doesn’t recommend golfers try “work-arounds”
      but rather do their best to approach a proper swing and that’s what will give the best results.
      Greens and Fairways,


  • Bill Davidson says:

    Charlie had a good point. I am glad the reply said go as far as you can and keep it consistent. I like these tips a lot, please keep them coming.

  • Craig Sigl says:

    thanks for commenting Bill. Yes, keep it consistent is absolutely correct. I have to ask everyone out there this question:
    Doesn’t it finally feel secure knowing that there is a solid, correct, proper way to do this whole golf thing that has held up over time, produced 26 champions on the tour and taken countless average golfers from struggle to a sweet swing and dramatically lowered handicaps?

    There are thousands of golf instructors out there, I know, and all of them teaching something different trying to make a name for themselves somehow. Brian has done it. He doesn’t have to fake anything. He doesn’t have to make stuff up. His successful students are living proof and the entire golf world recognizes it. And, as you notice here, at, you get Brian Mogg. We don’t lead off with Brian and then hand you over to somebody else. Look forward to more excellent tips coming your way.

    Brian is in a class by himself.

    Greens and fairways,

    9 Lake Bellevue Dr. #214
    Bellevue WA 98005 USA

  • Mbwa Kali Sana says:

    Improving shoulder Turn is fairly easy :practise daily ,lying on YOUR back ,bringing THE left leg over YOUR right leg .THE right leg is extended straight ,THE left leg is flexed at right Angles .THE shoulders are ‘” glued ” to THE floor and don’t move .To,make it more difiicult ,strap weights on THE left leg ,in orderbto bring THE lowest possible .Hold the stretch 25 seconds ,15 reps each side every single Day .
    You Will see THE difference !

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