Tour Secrets 3: Golf Pros Start With A Correct Shoulder Turn

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  • January 10, 2014

Now, not everybody has the flexibility to get a complete shoulder turn like Brian explains in the video.  When I was with him, I asked him specifically about this.  He, of course, knows about this because he sees it every day in his swing academies….average golfers whose body just won’t let them make a complete turn.

As usual, and with his typical efficient manner, he said “It’s simple…every golfer just goes as far on the shoulder turn as THEY CAN.  But he said he will not teach INCORRECT or work-around methods to any golfer that end up causing more problems down the line of a sequenced swing than they solve.

These lessons are the basics that even the average golfer can take and use to improve his/her swing. There is no perfection or penalty for not reaching perfection. There’s just these fundamentals and when you apply them as best as you can,  YOU WILL IMPROVE.

greens and fairways,

Craig Sigl

P.S. By the way, he filmed this lesson in Hawaii at his Golf Academy he teaches at – Hawaii prince golf club, Honolulu, HI


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