A Gift For Friends of Jon Barrett’s Golf Swing Eureka

Thank you for electing to stay with me, Craig Sigl,  in the transition to my Sequence Golf email letter. You are going to get some fantastic free training from myself and, more importantly, Brian Mogg, Golf Magazine Top 100 instructor and Golf Digest Top 50 instructor.

When you arrive at this website, you do NOT have to enter your email if you already got an email from me to get to this page. You will begin to receive “Tour Secrets For Average Golfers”  video training in a few days,  automatically.

But first, as promised, here’s your complimentary ebook that I normally sell for $17.

Golf Like A Pro ebook download.

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Also, you will notice on the first page of the book it says:  “This book cannot be given away.”  That is true for you, please observe this.  I have paid for the rights to sell it and am offering it to you in compensation for staying with me on my email newsletter list.   You do not have the rights to pass it on to anyone else.  This is a paid product.

Enjoy it!

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Golf Like A Pro ebook download.