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January 2014 - Sequence Golf

Fix Three Backswing Killers

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THE PROBLEM A bad backswing is often due to one of three things: a sway (you lose power), a reverse pivot (you slice or pull) or an unflexed right leg (you hit it thin). THE SOLUTION A shaft without a head on it can help you correct all three faults. To determine which problem is affecting your backswing and then correct it, try these three drills. Place the shaft in the ground behind and between your legs, angled so that the handle of the shaft touches your inner right thigh. Now take your backswing. If your right leg pushes the shaft forward toward your front leg, you’re reverse pivoting. Practice until you can turn without moving the shaft. Push the shaft into the ground outside your right leg, angled so that it touches your foot and leg up to your knee. Now take your normal backswing. If your right leg…

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How to Make Pitches Bite

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The Problem Your pitch shots fly straight, but they land on the green without any spin and run past the hole. The Solution Hit pitches that land on your target then grab the green harder than a miner’s handshake. The Key Hinge your wrists quickly on your backswing and then bring your club back down to the ball as fast as you can with your hands and make an abrupt finish. The faster you accelerate then stop, the more the ball will run up your clubface and grab in the grooves. That groove-grab produces spin. If you buy a wedge that’s designed to rust, give it time to do just that, so you can realize its spin-producing benefits.

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Stop Coming Up Short On Pitches

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Situation: You face a long pitch to a pin at the back of a slow, two-tiered green. Common mistake: You try to fly a sand or pitching wedge to the hole and come up short. The right play: Simply adjust your setup to get more mileage out of the easier-to-control pitch-and-run shot. How to do it: Take a little less club, and from your normal pitching address position, close the clubface slightly and take the club back on a more inside path than you’re used to. Your clubface should remain closed as you reach impact, so that you catch the ball more toward the toe of the club. By taking one less club, you compensate for the closed face, and the shot will travel like a normal pitch shot. But the closed face and the fact that you’re making contact closer to the toe will impart topspin to the shot, helping it run 20…

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Brian Mogg’s tips on fitness for golf

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When I began my PGA Tour career in 1986, only a few guys looked at weights and running as an integral part of their daily routine. The main focus was on stretching to prevent injury, a defensive approach to preventing injury. Golf courses at that time placed a higher emphasis on accuracy—the ability to hit fairways and greens—so practice was more focused on getting the ball safely in play and avoiding mistakes. Shooting close to par or slightly lower was the main objective. Times have changed. The emergence of Tiger Woods in the mid-1990s transformed the game in many ways, but especially in terms of the game’s athleticism. Tiger’s daily devotion to exercise and getting his body into the shape of a true athlete have altered what most professional golfers now do. (He also single-handedly ended the debate on whether pro golfers are athletes.) Today, working out to get stronger and more…

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The Tour Could Help Fix Slow Play

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Morgan Pressel’s slow-play penalty in the Sybase Match-Play semifinals last month  was crushing; it cost her not only the hole, but the penalty spoiled her attitude and she lost the match. I knew how she felt better than most because when I was on the PGA Tour, I got fined for slow play. Pressel’s situation was especially interesting because it was a subjective ruling. Also, by all accounts, it was Ashara Munoz, Pressell’s opponent, who had caused their match to be so slow and out of position. I didn’t get penalized a stroke, but I was fined, and I felt my ruling was also subjective. It happened at the tournament in Greensboro during the final round.  My group was notified on the 14th tee that we were out of position, despite having tried to speed up, and then I was singled out by the rules official as we came off…

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Tips on Putting In The Wind

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WHO: Phil Mickelson WHAT: A missed two-foot par putt WHERE: 243-yard par 3 11th hole at Royal St. George’s WHEN: Final round of the British Open After years of futility on the greens at the British Open, Mickelson finally seemed to have figured out how to putt in the wind and on links courses. At the 11th hole on Sunday, Mickelson was six under-par for his final round, just one shot behind Darren Clarke. Up to that point, Mickelson was draining putts with ease in the gusty conditions. Then Mickelson’s yips returned. At 11, he had a two-footer for par. Instead of marking the ball, he nonchalantly addressed it and rammed the putt too hard so it hit the right side of the cup and lipped out. An easy par turned into a deflating bogey. The gaffe discombobulated Mickelson, and he made three more bogies in his final seven holes to finish three shots behind Clarke,…

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10 Golf Tips to Get the New Year Started

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Everyone is looking to improve this year, here are 10 tips to get your golf game right in 2014.   1. Get your clubs regripped with new product that is tacky enough to stay in your hands and properly fitted. Correct size should see the 3rd and 4th fingers on glove hand lightly touch the palm if grips are sized correctly for your hand 2. Always grip your club low in the fingers of your gloved hand, this will encourage a free wrist set and more feel for the club head, always creating and allowing for speed through impact with the club 3. Use alignment sticks for perfect alignment when you practice. If its good enough for the Tour Pros then it should be good for all of us. Put two sticks down at or just parallel to your target then get feet, legs and torso along with your eyes…

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How to Ball Strike Like Justin Rose

Posted by | Brian Commentary, Full Swing | 76 Comments

Justin Rose’s recent win at the US Open was a great reflection on his ball striking and hitting fairways and greens.  His drive on 18 and then the long iron he hit that just missed the flag were reminiscent of Ben Hogan’s shot in 1951.  It was Justin’s tempo that was so remarkable as he played the final 9 holes. The smoothness of the final hole long iron is what all golfers strive to feel in their tempo.  How can you find this same tempo?  A great drill is to make 3 consecutive practice swings without stopping, the 3rd swing will end up being your ideal speed and tempo.  Match this swing and tempo when you hit your shot and this can be your imitation of Justin and being smooth

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Success playing under pressure starts with grip pressure

Posted by | Brian Commentary | 36 Comments

I’ve only played in one US Open (beating Tiger Woods) but I still remember my opening tee shot at Shinnecock Hills, more nervous than I’d ever been and actually thinking “what if I whiff in the Open”. Fortunately I did hit a good drive and training kicked in that let my swing just happen. For those that nervous at Merion this week, remember to breathe and always select a very focused target so that this has your full attention There is grip pressure in a regular event and then there is grip pressure in an Open. Facing the slickest conditions and greens, its truly amazing how much faster the greens are at an Open versus a regular Tour event. Thus, your grip pressure with the putter has to be extremely light and soft, you need to feel the head weight during your stroke to get the necessary touch to navigate…

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2013 U.S. Open Predictions

Posted by | Brian Commentary, In the News | 851 Comments

Will it be a superstar or a young up n coming player to win this week? Rain and soft conditions will help the longer hitters keep balls in play and stay on the greens. Tiger looks in good form and has to be the favorite. Two young players that should play well are Kyle Stanley and Charl Schwartzel Long deep rough at the Open requires strong hands and a steep angle of attack. The rough may help guys like Carl Petterson or Dustin Johnson with their upright swings. The Open will come down to putting and hitting fairways, this should favor a player like Graeme McDowell or Luke Donald that blend these areas into strengths The USGA is testing Merion to see if a “short” course can be used in a modern US Open. By Sunday night, the golf world will realize what a special place this and the connection to…

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