2 Quick Putting Tips For Long and Short Putts

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  • May 25, 2014

Unlike many golf instructors who feel the need to over complicate the way to improve your game, Brian believes that the secret to achieving your best in putting (and all parts of the game for that matter) is to master just a few basic concepts.

This video uses The Synchronizer training aid to help you learn 2 powerful techniques that all great putters know and use.

1. Keep the body quiet or still to eliminate variables


2. Hold your finish out in front of you on the follow through to guarantee a smooth stroke.

You can work these tips on your own but using The Synchronizer is like having an instructor there with you giving you feedback for continual improvement.

Using The Synchronizer on short putts, if you move your body, you will see it in your peripheral vision as it moves with your body – instant feedback for correction while practicing putting.

Using The Synchronizer on long putts, you will feel your front forearm and elbow touch the arm and you will hold it there. If you don’t make it there, then you didn’t have as smooth of a follow through which means you injected some measure of “jabbing” into your putting stroke.  Watch the video and comment below:


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