Is Your Golf Swing Losing Distance Because Of Casting?

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  • March 03, 2014

A golf swing losing distance can be the result of many different power leaks. One of the most common reasons is it could be that you are coming over the top or “casting” your swing. This slows your swing as it takes the whole lower body energy out of it and you swing mostly with your arms. You need your torso, hip turn, and legs to get everything out of your swing that you have available.

In this video, Brian shows you the isolated point in the swing that causes “casting” and how to correct it.

Once you understand the concept, to get this into your muscle memory, you will want to make that small movement Brian shows you, over and over again until you get it automatically. This takes effort and Brian’s simple drill movement can fix it if you work it.

Alternatively, Brian has endorsed a swing device that makes this easy for you called:  “The Synchronizer.

Sequence your golf swing - click here

Sequence your golf swing

You just swing in your backyard or on the range with it and it will do the work for you giving you the proper feel.


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