Asia Pacific Golf Summit 2012 Keynote Address by Brian Mogg

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  • February 28, 2014

Ever since Brian worked with Y.E. Yang, he has been passionate about helping build golf in Asian countries.
In this video, you get to know him personally. You can see what he cares about and who he really is. This video is his personal history as a golf coach and you can decide for yourself after watching it if he is the instructor for you.

The team at is very proud to be associated with such a quality person of extremely high integrity who has been recognized in the golf world…and I mean WORLD…not only for his successes but also for his efforts to advance the game wherever he is called.

He is a man of faith, a family man with 4 kids and a beautiful wife. He makes friends with everyone and never has a mean thing to say about anyone.

We posted this video because we want you to know the man when he’s not instructing and also to get a feel for what’s happening in the golf world that Brian is totally connected to.


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