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Is Your Golf Swing Losing Distance Because Of Casting?

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A golf swing losing distance can be the result of many different power leaks. One of the most common reasons is it could be that you are coming over the top or “casting” your swing. This slows your swing as it takes the whole lower body energy out of it and you swing mostly with your arms. You need your torso, hip turn, and legs to get everything out of your swing that you have available.

In this video, Brian shows you the isolated point in the swing that causes “casting” and how to correct it.

Once you understand the concept, to get this into your muscle memory, you will want to make that small movement Brian shows you, over and over again until you get it automatically. This takes effort and Brian’s simple drill movement can fix it if you work it.

Alternatively, Brian has endorsed a swing device that makes this easy for you called:  “The Synchronizer.

Sequence your golf swing - click here

Sequence your golf swing

You just swing in your backyard or on the range with it and it will do the work for you giving you the proper feel.

Golf Fix Tips: Eliminate Sliding

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One common reason for pushes and slicing is because of the error of sliding. That is, the body gets too far in front of the ball at the moment of impact.  Basically, your timing is off and your weight shift is out of balance.

In this video, Brian gives you another one of his golf fix tips in this video  that can easily cure this, even in the middle of a round. If it gets too bad, then some work on the range might be in order and Brian gives you the perfect drill to eliminate the sliding which causes the poor shots.

Brian Mogg is the swing coach to the pros whose students have 26 wins on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and tours. He also has 3 decades of working with regular golfers and is the director of golf academies in 3 countries.

D.A. Points Best Swing Drill with coach Brian Mogg

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D.A. Points has worked with Brian Mogg through 2 wins on tour. In this video, he shares his favorite simple swing drill that uses a common everyday item that you can find in your own bathroom to help keep your swing where it needs to be.

We have worked together for eight years and I have improved all areas of my game every year with more top finishes and money won which led to my first PGA Tour win at Pebble Beach. Brian specifically helps me with more than just my swing as we get into scoring shots and how to take my game to an even higher level.
D.A. Points
2013 Shell Houston Open Champion
2011 AT T Pebble Beach Champion

Mogg helps Y.E. Yang Win With Fundamentals

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Whether Brian is working with a world-class pro or a total beginner, he always starts with the fundamentals. He is a firm believer that you build a swing from the ground up and not try to find “work-arounds” to poor swings which ends up compounding one bad move with another.

Y.E. Yang learned the Mogg secrets, beat Tiger down the stretch at the PGA Championship in 2010 and later, Tiger started calling on Mogg.


The rest of the story

Brian Mogg Tiger Woods

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How to correct your swing plane when it’s off – Brian Mogg

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In this video, Brian Mogg gives you some quick fixes for when your swing plane is off. To expand the video, click the 2nd to last button  in the video, at the bottom right.

The reason your swing plane gets off in the first place, however, is because your sequence of fundamentals pushed it off. Each point in the swing affects the next and the errors become compounded by the time you get to the downswing and whether you are on plane or not.

If the tips in this video are not enough to get your swing plane right, then clearly, you need to go back to the fundamentals like Brian has all of his students, including the best in the world.

“Brian has really helped me add to my game with more shots I can hit and a better understanding of how I can build my fundamentals strong. This lets me be free to play as natural as possible with my game on Tour.”
Skip Kendall 
Winner 2012 Web.Com Tour Pacifica Rubiales Championship

Swing Plane Fixes by Brian Mogg

Three Keys to Sticking Your Par 3 Approach Shot

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As a regular Golf Channel contributor over the years, Brian has been called on to analyze the pros decision-making and performance in top golf tournaments.
In this video, he gives you 3 keys to being able to stick your approach shots on par 3’s when competing under pressure.
Brian has played with the best in the world and now teaches the best in the world.

Pick up the 3 keys by watching this video to help you on your next round.


Fix Three Backswing Killers

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A bad backswing is often due to one of three things: a sway (you lose power), a reverse pivot (you slice or pull) or an unflexed right leg (you hit it thin).

A shaft without a head on it can help you correct all three faults. To determine which problem is affecting your backswing and then correct it, try these three drills.

Place the shaft in the ground behind and between your legs, angled so that the handle of the shaft touches your inner right thigh. Now take your backswing. If your right leg pushes the shaft forward toward your front leg, you’re reverse pivoting. Practice until you can turn without moving the shaft.

Push the shaft into the ground outside your right leg, angled so that it touches your foot and leg up to your knee. Now take your normal backswing. If your right leg pushes the shaft back, you’re swaying. Practice until you can turn without moving the shaft.

Place the shaft in the ground behind you so that the butt end of it presses against the back of your right knee. Now take your backswing. If your right leg pushes the shaft upward into the back of your thigh, you’re not flexing your right leg enough. Practice until you can keep the club behind your bent right knee as you swing.

10 Golf Tips to Get the New Year Started

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Everyone is looking to improve this year, here are 10 tips to get your golf game right in 2014.



1. Get your clubs regripped with new product that is tacky enough to stay in your hands and properly fitted. Correct size should see the 3rd and 4th fingers on glove hand lightly touch the palm if grips are sized correctly for your hand

2. Always grip your club low in the fingers of your gloved hand, this will encourage a free wrist set and more feel for the club head, always creating and allowing for speed through impact with the club

3. Use alignment sticks for perfect alignment when you practice. If its good enough for the Tour Pros then it should be good for all of us. Put two sticks down at or just parallel to your target then get feet, legs and torso along with your eyes perfectly square to your target line. Develop this habit all year long

4. Resolve to use the tee box for better use this year, using the side of it to help create better angles on doglegs and with the wind. A good rule is to always tee off on the side of trouble so you are aiming away from it to start the tee shot

5. When playing in the wind, purpose to always stay over your front foot during the swing and choke down halfway on the grip. This will flight the ball lower and by not swinging hard, will keep spin off it and get the ball under the wind

6. “Back to the target on the backswing and chest to the target on the follow through”. This is a great goal for all golfers to get a full, rotary turn in with their swing as consistency is directly related to this

7. Improve front hip rotation thru impact, strive to get extra aggressive with rotating this hip for greater power and control as this is the biggest “secret” for finding more distance with your game

8. Pitch shots and wedge play should have more descending angle to control the loft of the club, getting set up with your nose just ahead of the ball is perfect for finding this descending angle thru impact

9. A great drill for chipping is to practice chipping into a basket from 5-10 yards away. It will make you use and feel the bounce and loft of the club through impact and promotes the sense of the club doing the work

10. A great putting resolve for 2014 is to keep your head still longer after impact this year. Golfers routinely miss putts because they are anxious and look up to see if they made the putt, resolve you will be more disciplined and like a Tour player to keep your head and eyes quieter during the putt this year

How to Ball Strike Like Justin Rose

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Justin Rose’s recent win at the US Open was a great reflection on his ball striking and hitting fairways and greens.  His drive on 18 and then the long iron he hit that just missed the flag were reminiscent of Ben Hogan’s shot in 1951.  It was Justin’s tempo that was so remarkable as he played the final 9 holes. The smoothness of the final hole long iron is what all golfers strive to feel in their tempo.  How can you find this same tempo?  A great drill is to make 3 consecutive practice swings without stopping, the 3rd swing will end up being your ideal speed and tempo.  Match this swing and tempo when you hit your shot and this can be your imitation of Justin and being smooth

Tour Secrets 3: Golf Pros Start With A Correct Shoulder Turn

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Now, not everybody has the flexibility to get a complete shoulder turn like Brian explains in the video.  When I was with him, I asked him specifically about this.  He, of course, knows about this because he sees it every day in his swing academies….average golfers whose body just won’t let them make a complete turn.

As usual, and with his typical efficient manner, he said “It’s simple…every golfer just goes as far on the shoulder turn as THEY CAN.  But he said he will not teach INCORRECT or work-around methods to any golfer that end up causing more problems down the line of a sequenced swing than they solve.

These lessons are the basics that even the average golfer can take and use to improve his/her swing. There is no perfection or penalty for not reaching perfection. There’s just these fundamentals and when you apply them as best as you can,  YOU WILL IMPROVE.

greens and fairways,

Craig Sigl

P.S. By the way, he filmed this lesson in Hawaii at his Golf Academy he teaches at – Hawaii prince golf club, Honolulu, HI