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A proper golf downswing is controlled by the lower body

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There are as many different swings on the pro tours as there are players but there is one thing they all have one thing in common.

And that is:  they all have a beautifully sequenced swing.

The huge difference between the great golfers and amateurs is, The TIMING of touring pro’s swings are generally much better than the average golfer. The separation and lag they get from the lower body initiating the proper golf downswing is everything for acquiring distance and grooving consistency.

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Golf Fix Tips: Eliminate Sliding

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One common reason for pushes and slicing is because of the error of sliding. That is, the body gets too far in front of the ball at the moment of impact.  Basically, your timing is off and your weight shift is out of balance.

In this video, Brian gives you another one of his golf fix tips in this video  that can easily cure this, even in the middle of a round. If it gets too bad, then some work on the range might be in order and Brian gives you the perfect drill to eliminate the sliding which causes the poor shots.

Brian Mogg is the swing coach to the pros whose students have 26 wins on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and tours. He also has 3 decades of working with regular golfers and is the director of golf academies in 3 countries.

Make Better Contact On Chip Shots

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It is really tempting when getting set up to make a short chip to just set yourself over the ball comfortably, make a couple of practice swings to get the feel and then fire away.

Golfers are missing out on consistency by not knowing or forgetting the building blocks of solid consistent contact.

In this video, Brian gives those Tour Tactics to you. You might want to watch this video a couple of times and take notes and then work on your setup at home. It will pay off.