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Brian Mogg Showing You How To Hit Under The Trees

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One of the most under-rated areas of improvement for average golfers is to be able to get out of trouble.
It’s very rare to see an average golfer learn and practice recovery shots like keeping a ball low to fly under
some trees in front of the shot.

In this video, Brian Mogg gives you some solid touch points to sequence a swing that keeps the ball low intentionally.

Think about how many times you find yourself during a round where this would come in handy and if executed right, how many strokes you would save on an average round. That’s what will motivate you to work on this very important part of your approach game.

How to Make Pitches Bite

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Image18The Problem
Your pitch shots fly straight, but they land on the green without any spin and run past the hole.
The Solution
Hit pitches that land on your target then grab the green harder than a miner’s handshake.
The Key
Hinge your wrists quickly on your backswing and then bring your club back down to the ball as fast as you can with your hands and make an abrupt finish. The faster you accelerate then stop, the more the ball will run up your clubface and grab in the grooves. That groove-grab produces spin.
If you buy a wedge that’s designed to rust, give it time to do just that, so you can realize its spin-producing benefits.