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2 Quick Putting Tips For Long and Short Putts

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Unlike many golf instructors who feel the need to over complicate the way to improve your game, Brian believes that the secret to achieving your best in putting (and all parts of the game for that matter) is to master just a few basic concepts. This video uses The Synchronizer training aid to help you learn 2 powerful techniques that all great putters know and use. 1. Keep the body quiet or still to eliminate variables and 2. Hold your finish out in front of you on the follow through to guarantee a smooth stroke. You can work these tips on your own but using The Synchronizer is like having an instructor there with you giving you feedback for continual improvement. Using The Synchronizer on short putts, if you move your body, you will see it in your peripheral vision as it moves with your body – instant feedback for…

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A proper golf downswing is controlled by the lower body

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There are as many different swings on the pro tours as there are players but there is one thing they all have one thing in common. And that is:  they all have a beautifully sequenced swing. The huge difference between the great golfers and amateurs is, The TIMING of touring pro’s swings are generally much better than the average golfer. The separation and lag they get from the lower body initiating the proper golf downswing is everything for acquiring distance and grooving consistency.

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Three Keys to Sticking Your Par 3 Approach Shot

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As a regular Golf Channel contributor over the years, Brian has been called on to analyze the pros decision-making and performance in top golf tournaments. In this video, he gives you 3 keys to being able to stick your approach shots on par 3’s when competing under pressure. Brian has played with the best in the world and now teaches the best in the world. Pick up the 3 keys by watching this video to help you on your next round.  

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10 Golf Tips to Get the New Year Started

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Everyone is looking to improve this year, here are 10 tips to get your golf game right in 2014.   1. Get your clubs regripped with new product that is tacky enough to stay in your hands and properly fitted. Correct size should see the 3rd and 4th fingers on glove hand lightly touch the palm if grips are sized correctly for your hand 2. Always grip your club low in the fingers of your gloved hand, this will encourage a free wrist set and more feel for the club head, always creating and allowing for speed through impact with the club 3. Use alignment sticks for perfect alignment when you practice. If its good enough for the Tour Pros then it should be good for all of us. Put two sticks down at or just parallel to your target then get feet, legs and torso along with your eyes…

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How to Ball Strike Like Justin Rose

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Justin Rose’s recent win at the US Open was a great reflection on his ball striking and hitting fairways and greens.  His drive on 18 and then the long iron he hit that just missed the flag were reminiscent of Ben Hogan’s shot in 1951.  It was Justin’s tempo that was so remarkable as he played the final 9 holes. The smoothness of the final hole long iron is what all golfers strive to feel in their tempo.  How can you find this same tempo?  A great drill is to make 3 consecutive practice swings without stopping, the 3rd swing will end up being your ideal speed and tempo.  Match this swing and tempo when you hit your shot and this can be your imitation of Justin and being smooth

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Success playing under pressure starts with grip pressure

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I’ve only played in one US Open (beating Tiger Woods) but I still remember my opening tee shot at Shinnecock Hills, more nervous than I’d ever been and actually thinking “what if I whiff in the Open”. Fortunately I did hit a good drive and training kicked in that let my swing just happen. For those that nervous at Merion this week, remember to breathe and always select a very focused target so that this has your full attention There is grip pressure in a regular event and then there is grip pressure in an Open. Facing the slickest conditions and greens, its truly amazing how much faster the greens are at an Open versus a regular Tour event. Thus, your grip pressure with the putter has to be extremely light and soft, you need to feel the head weight during your stroke to get the necessary touch to navigate…

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2013 U.S. Open Predictions

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Will it be a superstar or a young up n coming player to win this week? Rain and soft conditions will help the longer hitters keep balls in play and stay on the greens. Tiger looks in good form and has to be the favorite. Two young players that should play well are Kyle Stanley and Charl Schwartzel Long deep rough at the Open requires strong hands and a steep angle of attack. The rough may help guys like Carl Petterson or Dustin Johnson with their upright swings. The Open will come down to putting and hitting fairways, this should favor a player like Graeme McDowell or Luke Donald that blend these areas into strengths The USGA is testing Merion to see if a “short” course can be used in a modern US Open. By Sunday night, the golf world will realize what a special place this and the connection to…

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How to Make Pitches Bite

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The Problem If you buy a wedge that’s designed to rust, give it time to do just that, so you can realize its spin-producing benefits. Your pitch shots fly straight, but they land on the green without any spin and run past the hole. The Solution Hit pitches that land on your target then grab the green harder than a miner’s handshake. The Key Hinge your wrists quickly on your backswing and then bring your club back down to the ball as fast as you can with your hands and make an abrupt finish. The faster you accelerate then stop, the more the ball will run up your clubface and grab in the grooves. That groove-grab produces spin.  

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Tour Secrets 3: Golf Pros Start With A Correct Shoulder Turn

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Now, not everybody has the flexibility to get a complete shoulder turn like Brian explains in the video.  When I was with him, I asked him specifically about this.  He, of course, knows about this because he sees it every day in his swing academies….average golfers whose body just won’t let them make a complete turn. As usual, and with his typical efficient manner, he said “It’s simple…every golfer just goes as far on the shoulder turn as THEY CAN.  But he said he will not teach INCORRECT or work-around methods to any golfer that end up causing more problems down the line of a sequenced swing than they solve. These lessons are the basics that even the average golfer can take and use to improve his/her swing. There is no perfection or penalty for not reaching perfection. There’s just these fundamentals and when you apply them as best as…

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