Tour Secret #7: Two Moves At The Impact Zone

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  • January 10, 2014

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  • Danny Rogers says:

    Great tip (show the full set of spikes), which is easily understood.

  • Jim Coene says:

    Actually, this kind of think has not helped me personally. It worked for me while making slow motion type swings, but I couldn’t make it work when hitting balls. Good information none the less.
    I’m right handed. What does work better for me is to notice that at the conclusion of my back swing, the weight is built up on the inside arch of my right foot (credit goes to Tracy Reed for this realization), mostly toward my heel. Then I want to get the weight to move UP to my left hip by impact (credit goes to Darrel Klassen for this realization). And then after the follow through the weight should end up/ land on the middle to the inside of my left heal. Notice when the long drive guys are hitting, their feet sometimes come off the ground. Clearly they are not rolling the weight along the ground. The weight has to move UP on the downswing, while the hands go down to the power point (credit to Darrel Klassen again) . At least that’s how I think of it

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Hi Jim, thanks for commenting. I appreciate your insights there. Your descriptions seem a bit complex though. I like to keep my sequencing really really simple. Glad it’s working for you.

      Greens and Fairways,


  • Eric says:

    Hi Craig, thanks for another good and simple instruction for a very complex move. Everyone understands and can follow your professional advice. Eric

  • Sophia says:

    Show your spikes – Thank you! I love it. Works all the time!

  • MbwaKALI Sana says:

    If you want an efficient swing ,go to PAUL WILSON’s site(IGNITION GOLF):he”ll teach youall you ned to know in great detail.
    What’s shown here is his “TOUCH YOUR LEGS “position .
    The right leg must straighten prior to impact ,be locked straight at impact ,and your weight should be on all of the sole of the leftfoot ,whch doesn’t move at all (It may “roll over “though a bit ,but not much.
    As BRIAN rightly demonstrates ,all the spikes of the right foot are visible when finished ,the right foot is set on the right big toe .All what BRIAN shows is perfect and fine ,but he doesn’t teach how to speed up the right hip to get speed .To get there ,you have to push from the right insole and right big toe .
    Hip Speed is of essence!

  • Dan Clark says:

    Great tip Brian, in the Boy scouts there was an acronym that got used often; KISMIF Keep it simple make it fun.Well your new acronym is easy to remember and can also help with swing rhythm. SASTYB Show all spikes (on the back swing); Too your buddy (on the down swing & finish). The alignment rod looks like an excellent drill, however I’m sure it’s going to take quite a bit of practice. Question: You mentioned turning the LEFT FOOT IN A LITTLE, but when you did the drill you pointed it out slightly. Why ?

  • Zach Kaplan says:

    A previous poster said that the swing sequence worked OK for slow practice swings but not when hitting golf balls. I have the same problem. How does one keep from becoming “ball bound”. Is it pure muscle memory through repetition without a ball?

    • Craig Sigl says:

      Thanks for comment Zach. Muscle memory through repetition is definitely one way to do things and it works, yes. I personally work everything in my mind through mental practice focusing on one thing at a time and then connecting them. Your swing may not need a complete overhaul and you can just check these tips and implement what you think will correct a problem you might have.
      Greens and Fairways,


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