Putting drill: Make all of your 4 foot putts

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  • March 03, 2012

Daniel Coyle, author of the book “The Talent Code” would be proud of the putting drill in this video below.

The basic premise of “The Talent Code” is to make practice extremely efficient in developing the precise motor skills necessary for the task in competition. Often this meant devising unorthodox practice techniques that Coyle calls:

Deep Practice

Here’s a quote from a book review:

“Journalist Daniel Coyle spent years investigating talent hotbeds, interviewing world-class practitioners (top soccer players, violinists, fighter, pilots, artists, and bank robbers) and neuroscientists. In clear, accessible language, he presents a solid strategy for skill acquisition in athletics, fine arts, languages, science or math that can be successfully applied through a person s entire lifespan.”

Brian’s drill for keeping your putts on the your target line is a perfect example of how you can develop a Touring Pro’s 92% consistency at making putts under 4 feet.

If you read the book, you would agree that Brian’s tip here is definitely “Deep Practice” for putting mastery.

It’s no wonder he has produced more tour winners than any other golf coach out there.

“For example, in 2007 the PGA
golfers made 99:2% of their putts of length 3 feet or less. From distances greater than 3 feet and less than or equal
to 4 feet, the percentage drops to 91:5%.”

Source: pgatour.com


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