10 Golf Tips to Get the New Year Started

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  • January 16, 2014

Everyone is looking to improve this year, here are 10 tips to get your golf game right in 2014.



1. Get your clubs regripped with new product that is tacky enough to stay in your hands and properly fitted. Correct size should see the 3rd and 4th fingers on glove hand lightly touch the palm if grips are sized correctly for your hand

2. Always grip your club low in the fingers of your gloved hand, this will encourage a free wrist set and more feel for the club head, always creating and allowing for speed through impact with the club

3. Use alignment sticks for perfect alignment when you practice. If its good enough for the Tour Pros then it should be good for all of us. Put two sticks down at or just parallel to your target then get feet, legs and torso along with your eyes perfectly square to your target line. Develop this habit all year long

4. Resolve to use the tee box for better use this year, using the side of it to help create better angles on doglegs and with the wind. A good rule is to always tee off on the side of trouble so you are aiming away from it to start the tee shot

5. When playing in the wind, purpose to always stay over your front foot during the swing and choke down halfway on the grip. This will flight the ball lower and by not swinging hard, will keep spin off it and get the ball under the wind

6. “Back to the target on the backswing and chest to the target on the follow through”. This is a great goal for all golfers to get a full, rotary turn in with their swing as consistency is directly related to this

7. Improve front hip rotation thru impact, strive to get extra aggressive with rotating this hip for greater power and control as this is the biggest “secret” for finding more distance with your game

8. Pitch shots and wedge play should have more descending angle to control the loft of the club, getting set up with your nose just ahead of the ball is perfect for finding this descending angle thru impact

9. A great drill for chipping is to practice chipping into a basket from 5-10 yards away. It will make you use and feel the bounce and loft of the club through impact and promotes the sense of the club doing the work

10. A great putting resolve for 2014 is to keep your head still longer after impact this year. Golfers routinely miss putts because they are anxious and look up to see if they made the putt, resolve you will be more disciplined and like a Tour player to keep your head and eyes quieter during the putt this year


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